Eggcellent Eggs!

Eggcellent Eggs!

Just a quick one today, as I am going to a heavy one soon to celebrate my finishing the second term of my NQT year! I wanted to keep up my DAILY blog posts, think I’m doing well!

Today was Egg House Day at school. We’re only 1 form entry, and a Primary, so all the children get mixed up in their classes and get two teachers to do fun activities with all day. It’s mainly about independence, the juniors helping the infants and creating beautiful things. This time the theme was eggs, since it’s Easter and because there will be a girl in foundation stage next year whom is incredibly allergic to eggs. Anyway eggs.

In my classroom, amongst other activities, we made paint from eggs. Apparently, during the Renaissance period, before oil paint became popular, egg paint was the first thing artists went to to use. Da Vinci and everything!

Basically, you separate the yolk (very hard for primary children) then add a little food colouring the the yolk – stir it all up and use it as paint! Literally as simple as that, and when it dries it becomes sort of glossy, like there is a glaze over the painting. It looked wicked, a lot better than our egg dyes…..

So that was my super quick post. For more egg activities, try this website…

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3 thoughts on “Eggcellent Eggs!

    • I can imagine, I worked briefly in a school as an art tech, and that was maddening enough ( although it was a fun time ) so o have to teach and be taught to, yes it’s tricky!

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